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13 Perfect Kayaking Date Ideas for you right now

Kayaking is an easy & relaxing outdoor activity perfect for couples who seek some entertainment. Surprise your partner with one of 13 perfect kayaking date ideas!

Why go on a kayaking date?

Kayaking is a great way to spend time with your partner. Forget about the same old places, bars, and restaurants where you are hanging out plenty of times. That is boring. That is why kayaking is perfect, as it provides you with a new level of fun in different, natural surroundings. On top of that, kayaking helps you see your partner from another angle in different situations.

Here are some of the benefits of kayaking dates:

Exercise – It is an excellent and challenging physical activity for both. You can see how your future or current partner deals with exercise and activities.

Preparedness – Kayaking requires proper equipment, clothes, and all necessary items. Thanks to that, you can see how thoughtful, organized,, and prepared your partner is.

Budget-friendly – If you are meeting someone for the first time, you do not want to spend hundreds of euros or dollars on an expensive meal. It is not about choosing the cheap option but choosing an affordable option that is better for making new connections and strengthening the old ones.

Comfortable surroundings – Kayaking can help you feel more comfortable and relaxed, especially when answering awkward questions about your history and past relationships.

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Is kayaking a perfect first date idea?

Anything can be perfect – the first, second, or third-date idea if you are both into it! If you or your date are not into sports or trying something new, you might want to do something out of your comfort zone. Indeed, jumping out of your comfort zone and doing something active will make your date more entertaining and easier, less awkward and stiff. But it is up to you to decide! The best thing to do is communicate with your date about their wishes.

5 tips for a kayaking date idea

Beware that kayaking requires some preparation as you will spend most of the time on the water without the possibility to buy something you miss or go home to grab something you need. Preparation is the key. Thus, read this carefully!

  1. Bring plenty of water and snacks

No one wants to do sports hungry and thirsty. Water and food are essential so make sure to bring enough depending on how long you plan to stay kayaking. It is your first date, bring your snacks. Let your date do the same, so afterward, you can share the snacks. It would be unhandy to buy all by yourself, and later you see that your date does not eat any of it or has a severe allergy to nuts, for example. Insulated steel waters with a clip-on are great for the kayak, so the drinks do not warm up, and the bottle does not roll over.

  1. Have extra dry layers

You never know what can happen – rolling over in the water does not happen often, but it can happen. Unexpected rainfall or such weather conditions can also surprise you. But if you have at least one rainproof jacket, you will surely be fine and continue enjoying your kayaking date experience. Indeed, if you plan on swimming, bring a towel and some clothes so you can change them later. Kayaking while wet can be fine during the hot summer, but staying too long in wet clothes, for example, can, of course, make you sick, and no one wants that.

  1. Sunscreen and aid supplies

Do not forget how dangerous the sun can be, especially in the summer. Know that the sun is also strong during the winter. Beware of that and get sunscreen of at least 30 SPF. Even if you kayak through the forest with lots of natural shade, maybe later you fancy some sunbathing. It is better to have it with you and be prepared. Bring at least a small sunscreen and if possible, make sure it is environmentally friendly. Make sure the flora and fauna do not mind. A first aid kit is crucial as it can save your life!

  1. Other sun protection items

Sunglasses, a hat, or a cap are crucial items to protect against the harmful sun rays. But besides protection, these items can make you look more attractive and fun, especially if you choose a unique design. Small things matter, and if your date has an eye for details, you will get extra points for being attentive, caring for yourself, and looking dope!

  1. Bring a surprise

A surprise does not need to be something big or luxurious. You can bring something simple and fun like two beers or a nice bottle of wine. You can also bring some sweets or extra treats. Also some play cards and things like that. If you decide to get some sweets, make sure it is not an ice cream or cream cake because they can melt on a summer day. Whatever you bring as a surprise will be a great add-on to your kayaking date experience.

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Here are the 13 perfect kayaking date ideas:

Here are the 13 perfect kayaking date ideas:

The Balkan area is a terrific place to enjoy adventure sports and fun activities in two. Thus, read our 13 top picks and perfect kayaking ideas for you to embark on!

1. Enjoy a Great War Island kayaking adventure

The great thing about kayaking adventures is that prior knowledge is not needed. You will kayak towards the beach Lido and if the weather allows, swim in the river. You will enjoy a fun kayak circle around the Great War Island and explore the unique nature. Such kayaking adventure is perfect for couples who love to see some lovely sights while enjoying the relaxing nature.


2. Explore the magical Uvac while kayaking

Kayaking through the magical Uvac canyon is a dream for many. Here nature is at its best with rich flora and fauna. Uvac has a rich cave system and gorgeous lookouts, so if you are both active, try some hiking and enjoy something extra in this unique area. Why is this area one of a kind? Well, the Uvac river is the longest tributary of the river Lim. It flows through a valley 120 km long. Majestic cliffs are 200 to 350 m high, and the capes of the meanders of the river Uvac are the most famous and make Uvac special. Griffon vultures and eagles are also not rare here. Did you know that Griffon vultures have only one partner for the rest of their lives? You can also do canoeing here but it is a bit different than kayaking. Learn the difference between kayaking and canoeing. 

3, Discover Danube Iron Gate while kayaking

The Danube is Europe’s second-longest river. Luckily, it allows you to admire some beautiful natural wonders. Kayaking is the best way to experience a river of such size because you can be close to it and see many details. Your guide will show you stunning monuments and archaeological sites even from Middle Ages and the First Century AD. The pristine nature here will leave you speechless! If this kayaking adventure is your first date, you will be on the right track for future ones!

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4. Drina kayak adventure

The Drina is a terrific river that flows in Bosnia and Serbia. It is rich with many waterfalls and incredible flora and fauna worth admiring. You will experience kayaking among waterfalls, crystal clear water, and a cute house on the rock. This famous house is in the middle of the Drina River. It is a perfect spot to take a photo. Your date will love to see something different like this!

5. Fun kayaking under Belgrade bridges

If you love Belgrade – the Serbian capital, you will love this kayaking adventure. It is a rare opportunity to see Belgrade from a different perspective. This adventure will entertain you and provide a peaceful nature even though it is in the city center of Belgrade. You will never see Belgrade with the same eyes, I assure you! And who knows, maybe late you off to the city together for an extended date!

6. Try the kayak fishing

Kayak fishing offers exceptional natural sights. Here you can enjoy the view of the shores, glide through the bays, or cruise along the terrific river. The picturesque terrains in the upper – wild – part of Begej with locks and for fishing – a more beautiful stretch of the Tamis downstream will amaze you both. Thanks to the peaceful surroundings, you will get many chances to talk about anything you want, totally relaxed like you know each other forever! You can try your luck in fishing, catch and release or enjoy nature without any fish activity!

7. Krcedin Kayak Safari – Kayaking adventure

The great thing about guided kayaking tours is the tour guide who teaches you everything about kayaking and adds extra tips about the place you are kayaking. This location is only 45 min drive from Belgrade and just 30 min from Novi Sad. It is nearby in Fruska Gora national park. It is a terrific place as a kayaking date idea for some romantic views, relaxation,, and recharging the batteries in two. If your date loves nature, this place will amaze them! Beware that this location is quite romantic too.

8. Ovcar Kablar Gorge kayaking

Fantastic nature in this gorge will make you come again and again! It is just a two-hour drive from Belgrade and only one hour from Zlatibor. In the heart of Western Serbia, you will enjoy stunning nature and the possibility to reconnect with nature and disconnect with the digital world. Your guide will show you some nice areas worth filming and making terrific memories together.

9. Bass Kayak fishing trip

Lake fishing in Serbia is something you must try! Even if you do not fancy fishing with a guide, you can explore the lake from all sides! This lake is just a one-and-a-half-hour drive from Belgrade. It is the best fishing spot. This tour can help you to experience local – Bass fishing from kayaks. How cool is that? Escape the city for fishing, where all you will do is C&R – catch and release! This kayak date idea will provide you lot of adrenaline, fun, and knowledge together!

10. Sunset at the Danube while sailing & paddling

During this adventure, you will sail by boat upstream on the Danube and then descend by kayaks and canoes. This adventure is also very romantic as the Danube has the most beautiful sunset you can enjoy while cruising. If you are romantic, choose this adventure and show your date the true magic.


11. Tisza River Blooming – The Breathtaking Kayaking Tour

The incredible flowering phenomenon happens on river Tisza. It is called the Blooming river! It is one of the most beautiful experiences while kayaking! That is a perfect kayaking idea in just 15 min drive from Belgrade. Also, it is 45 min drive from Novi Sad. This natural phenomenon is repeated once a year at the same time in June. You can witness this only for two weeks in June! The endemic insect or water flower is harmless. It comes from the Ephemeroptera genus. They fly out of the water to breed. Then, they conduct a day-long love dance before completing their life cycle. This act transforms the river, making the river itself look like blooming with flowers. It is possible to organize the boat if you are not good at kayaking.

12. Jump on kayaking in a wild Perućac lake

If you are a fan of wilderness and a bit dangerous lakes and rivers, western Serbia is the best place for you. However, ask your date first if they are up for some bigger adventure. Perućac lake is 60m deep and created by damming of the river Drina, and it is majestic to explore.

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13. Admire the Serbian Amazon - Koviljski Rit: Kayak adventure

This place is outstanding, and many compare it to the Amazon. The nature here is different and wilder than in some other Serbian areas. You and your date may not be able to speak that much because you will be busy observing the surrounding, but it is an adventure to experience in two to have some memories for a lifetime.

Final thoughts

As noted above, these kayaking date ideas provide perfect dates, no matter if they are first dates or second and third ones! I hope you will appreciate this collection, and I wish you nothing but the most romantic, perfect kayaking date on your next time out!