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Summer adventure vacation ideas for u to embark on right now

Are you ready for the summer? There are plenty of summer adventure vacation ideas so here are the best ones for you to pack your stuff and embark on right now!

Where is the best place to vacation in the summer?

There is no such thing as the best place to go on vacation. Why? It is simple. Everyone is different. We all have different needs, desires, and wishes. Some people love hotter destinations, while others prefer to enjoy the spring-like time. Some people love beaches and the sun, while others love to hide in the shade of forest trees. In whichever group you fit in – one thing is for sure, we all love summer vacation days! Since I think the Balkan peninsula has everything – shade, beaches, forest, sun, rivers, lakes, and sea. I will make sure to share my top picks with you. I do not doubt that you will find at least one perfect spot for your summer getaway this year!

What should I do on summer vacation?

The most important thing you should do on your summer vacation is to rest and have fun. Everything else is optional. It would be great if you use warm summer days for some water activities and some fun in nature while the days are still warm and plants are at their full blooming power, but it is not necessary. Many summer activities involve less movement but not less enjoyment. Here are some of my suggestions for active and less active summer vacation:

Active summer vacation

– Kayaking

– Canyoning

– Rafting

– Swimming

– Hiking

– Fishing

Passive summer vacation

– Lake cruising

– River cruising

– Camping

– Glamping

Where are the best places for adventure vacations?

- Tara canyon in Bosnia

Majestic Tara canyon is the deepest canyon in Europe and the second deepest in the world. If you seek outstanding nature, active vacation, and adrenaline plus overnighting in the heart of the stunning nature where all you hear is water and birds chirping, then you need to choose this area as your summer vacation getaway! Rafting on the Tara river is the most popular outdoor adrenaline activity here. Both young and old can enjoy rafting.

You can book a rafting adventure on Tara and a cozy cabin stay for the full enjoyment and some best memories that will last for a lifetime. All that with the guidance of professional guides. You can enjoy the area for a longer period or just for a summer weekend getaway. Whatever your choice, know that Tara canyon is indeed one of the best summer adventure vacation ideas in Europe. You can choose between more days or a one-day Tara rafting adventure.

- Canyoning Adventure – Jagnjilo canyon & the Korean Cave

canyoning near belgrade - Serbia adventures

Experience a summer adrenaline adventure – canyoning through Jagnjilo Canyon. That is a refreshing tour for brave adventurers. A true hidden gem of Eastern Serbia, this place bursts from waterfalls. Challenge your friends and try something fun this summer through the river Jagnjilo springs and Bigar! The only thing you need is an adventurous spirit and courage. The rest will help professional guides. Also, in the first part of the cave, there is an interesting Korkan cave with ten meters high and hunters of meters long. It is unique due to its specific shimmering golden vault. Summer is not only for sea and river adventures but also for cave adventures!

- Canyoning in Bosnia – Hrcavka Canyon, Sutjeska National Park

The canyon of the river Hrčavka is full of waterfalls, deep pools, and natural water slides. You can expect an off-road tour to the Sutjeska National Park and the Hrcavka canyon. With a help of mountaineering equipment and professional guides, you will experience the canyon from a different perspective. Here will not be warm even if it is a hot summer day. On the contrary! You might feel a bit cold, which is great! Such adventure is a true adrenaline delicacy! The river has carved natural and deep pools into the canyon, ideal for jumping. Besides nature, you will see the remains of a historical town. How cool is that?

- Kayaking Adventure in Serbia – Ovcar Kablar Gorge

One-day refreshment to remember includes a trip to Ovcar Kablar gorge! This kayaking adventure is an excellent refill with new energy. The best choice for an outdoor adventure to kayaking through fantastic nature. It is just a two-hour drive from Belgrade and one hour from Zlatibor. In the heart of Western Serbia. Kayaking has always been a great summer adventure and a weekend getaway. You can do sports because kayaking helps your muscle grow while exploring the hidden areas of untouched nature. On top of that, you can also stop, take a break, or enjoy sunbathing. You can also jump in the water and swim for some extra refreshment!

Where should I take my family on summer vacation?

horseback riding place fruska gora 1

- Horseback riding in Fruška Gora in Serbia

Fruška Gora is a green part of Serbia, a terrific national park with many lakes where you can seek refreshment. Right there, you can enjoy entertaining horseback riding with your family and kids, but also with your partner. Horseback riding is romantic, and it is voted one of the best presents for any occasion. This activity is perfect for the summer when you can explore the lush green nature on the horse and stop for a refreshment. The forest trees will keep you safe from the strong sun, and the wind will follow you and your four-legged friend. Popovica Lake is one of the most beautiful ones in the areas that you can visit at your own pace, safe and relaxed thanks to professional instructors who will teach you all about horseback riding.

- The Danube cruise through Kazan Gorge & Djerdap national park

Experience cruising the Danube with your loved ones through the Kazan gorge. Then, through the Iron Gate, Djerdap, National Park. An immense gorge in Europe, the place in Europe where the Danube is the widest. Enjoy the terrific cruise through tunnels, over reefs, and lookouts. See the Varnica balloon station, which is the unique traffic light on the Danube. Discover the Monastery of Mrakoni, Traian tablet, and stone sculptures of the last king Decebalus. If you are up to it, you can jump in and swim or just sunbathe on the boat while cruising down the river.

- Experience Zlatar lake cruising & tasting the local food

Enjoy in Zlatar lake cruise. Cruising is not one of those adrenaline summer adventure vacation ideas, that is why it is perfect for families. Yet, it still brings a certain amount of adventure because you cruise through Uvac’s untouched nature. An emerald lake will blow your mind, and the local dishes will fill your stomach. The boat and the captain will be at your disposal for the entire day trip.

Whenever and wherever you want to stop, take photos, take a break in the middle of the lake or swim in the refreshing lake. Your summer vacation in nature can be refreshing and memorable thanks to such a summer adventure. If you feel like it, you can go to the lookout point and observe the magnificent Uvac meanders plus the griffon vultures. And if you feel like resting and taking a nap in the boat cabin, you can do that too!

Summer adventure vacation ideas,summer vacation ideas

- Trnovacko Lake hiking adventure and swimming in Sutjeska National Park

Sutjeska National Park will blow your mind with its beauty! You will be hiking through fairytale landscapes. Your family and loved ones will love the heart-shaped crystal Trnovacko Lake which is perfect and refreshing for swimming. This unforgettable hiking adventure will take you across the border of Bosnia to Montenegro with the best-experienced guides. Trnovacko lake is one of the best summer adventure vacation ideas because it combines hiking and swimming in the wild. You will have the chance to refresh and enjoy untouched nature like nowhere else.

Summer adventure vacation ideas,summer vacation ideas

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Final Words

All in all, there are plenty of summer adventure vacation ideas. Only you know which one suits you the best and what you expect to experience this summer vacation. Thus, read well again all the outdoor adventures above and choose your best one because time flies and summer will end sooner than you think!