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Why visit the second deepest canyon in Europe? Tara River Canyon

Tara river canyon is a magnificent, second deepest canyon in Europe that’ll blow your mind. Amongst many activities here, rafting on the Tara river is the best one!

Where is the second deepest canyon in Europe?

The Tara canyon stretches from near Bistrica in Montenegro to Hum in beautiful Bosnia and Herzegovina. Both countries are in the Balkan peninsula. Believe it or not, the canyon is up to 1,300 meters or 4,300 feet deep and 149km long! Now that is huge! The imposing Tara river canyon is also the second deepest canyon, in the entire world. But also the deepest in Europe. The biggest one in the world is Grand Canyon in Colorado! On top of that, the canyon and the river are under the protection of UNESCO. People call it – A tear of Europe for a reason – it has significant importance to the planet as well as flora and fauna.

The river Tara flows through Montenegro and a part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The whole river is the creation of the two rivers in the Komovi mountains in Montenegro. The names of the rivers are Opasanica and Veruša. Another feature of the canyon and the river itself are its cascades. You can hear the loud noise of the cascades, all the way from the upper parts of the canyon. Believe it or not, there are over 40 cascades on the Tara river.

Tara Rafting – Refreshing Tara Rafting Adventure

Some of the most important ones are these:

– Crna Vrela

– Djavolje Lazi

– Bijela Vrela

– Sokolovina

– Bijeli Kamen.

Bajlovica Sige waterfall is the most significant spring that flows into the Tara river. Impressively, this spring crashes into Tara with 100 liters of water per second. It falls from the Bucevica cave over 30 m high and 150 m wide! In other words, this is a stunning scene of Mother Nature.

Can you swim in the Tara river?

Of course, you can swim in the Tara river! However, beware that the average temperature of the water is 8° C. So if you find this too cold, maybe it is good to skip it, at least when there is no summer. It is also good to know that river Tara is drinkable throughout the stream. There are some excellent places and stops where you can comfortably go into the river. Take a swim, and also do some sunbathing. It is also good to know that Tara is a strong river, and sometimes it can be wild especially, after the winter when the snow melts. Make sure to have a life jacket if you are not a good swimmer, or if you do not know how to swim.

Best white water rafting in Europe on Tara river

Tara river with the last 40 km, represents the natural border between BIH and Montenegro. The most exciting rapids are Gornji Tepacki Buk, Donji Tepacki Buk, Borovi. Many rapids are in the lower part of the river. So that is the reason why most of the outdoor activities are there. The most popular activity in the Balkans is for sure Tara river canyon rafting but also kayaking. Many people say white river rafting here is the best rafting in the world because it is super fun and highly adventurous! 

For instance, if you stand on the Šćepan polje bridge, you can hear the exciting screams and laughter of the rafters and see them riding the river downslope.

Nowadays, Tara rafting attracts more and more people. The reason is simple: untouched and unique nature blended with an outdoor activity fun. Who can resist that? The whole place is like a fairy-tale. Tara river is indeed one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe that provides you enormous adrenaline. But also a terrific relaxation in nature. Besides, the river itself has different levels during the year. That means that rafting can be adapted to all ages, no matter if you are younger or older. If you plan to enjoy this activity with your family, kids, colleagues from work, or friends!

White river rafting on the Tara river will cost you anything from 50 euros and above, depending on the amenities, days, etc. Companies that organize rafting on the Tara river own the appropriate licenses. Therefore you do not need to worry about their safety during this fun outdoor adventure.


When to visit Tara river canyon?

If you love more adrenaline, then visit the Tara river canyon and enjoy rafting during the spring when the water reaches its maximum. Months such as April or May are the best for you! If you wish to have an adventure but not such big adrenaline, visit Tara river canyon by the end of the summer, in September. That is the perfect time for rafting with family plus the kids!

Flora and Fauna of Tara river canyon

Tara is also on the UNESCO list of protected areas in the section called Man and Biosphere from 1977 due to its diverse flora and fauna! Here you can find animals such as different types of fish, trouts, huchens, graylings, birds such as hawks, eagles, capercaillies, griffon vultures, etc. Then bears, wolves, foxes, and chamois. Also, the Tara river is the largest river in Montenegro and the largest natural reserve of drinking water in Europe. It has an incredible taste! Another excellent feature of the canyon and the river is its black pine forest called Crna Poda, located between Bistrica and Dobrilovina, at an altitude of 950 meters above sea level! These pine trees can reach 45 meters, and many are at least 400 years old!

Why is rafting good for you?

Rafting is super entertaining outdoor activity that improves your mental state. It helps you to get out of your comfort zone – that place that seems scary but has the most magic! You can embark on a rafting adventure no matter your age or the size of your family and other team members! It is not only a dynamic but a relaxing adventure that helps you to relax and feel nature at the wildest and most remote places of the Tara river canyon.

Thus, book a Tara River Canyon Rafting Adventure with three days of accommodation in a few beautiful camp bungalows

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All in all, white river rafting is not something for adventurers only. Rafting outdoor adventure is for all of you, who love nature and experiencing something new and fun. Rafting on the Tara river canyon will let you feel enough adrenaline, fun, and joy like no other adventure! Tara rafting is one of those things you have to try at least one time during your life. And trust me, once you try it, you will want to do it again and again in many other rivers. Tara river canyon is a stunning piece of nature waiting for you to explore and admire. Adventure is awaiting, and you shall jump on it!

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